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Copper-T IUD as Emergency Contraception

The Copper-T is an intrauterine device (IUD) that some women use for regular birth control, but you can also have a doctor or other trained clinician insert it up to five days after sex to prevent pregnancy. As emergency contraception, the Copper-T IUD is much more effective than either type of emergency contraceptive pill (or “morning after pill”) because it reduces your risk of getting pregnant by more than 99%. Another advantage to the Copper-T IUD is that you can keep it in place to prevent pregnancy for up to ten years.

If you have been made to have sex against your will, or believe that you or your partner may be at risk for STIs, tell your doctor. If you have pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or an active gonorrhea or Chlamydia infection, IUD insertion is not recommended. However, if you have an asymptomatic gonorrhea or Chlamydia infection, IUD insertion is considered safe. Your doctor can test you for STIs and insert your IUD at the same time; if the test comes back positive for an STI, you can be treated with antibiotics right away. To learn more about using an IUD as EC, click here.

For a more detailed academic review of the medical and social science literature about emergency contraception, click here .




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