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About Our Directory of Emergency Contraception Providers

**PLEASE NOTE: as of August 31, 2020, this site is no longer being updated**


We are proud to partner with Bedsider to help you find a provider of emergency contraception. Click here to find a clinic or pharmacy that can provide EC (or a prescription). If you want to use ella, or if you want to get a prescription for a progestin-only EC (like Plan B One-Step) so your insurance will cover it, you will need to find a clinician (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or certified nurse midwife) who you can write you a prescription. It’s important take action as soon as possible if you had sex without using contraception, your birth control failed, or you were made to have sex against your will and you do not want to become pregnant. Be sure to tell the person who answers the phone that you need emergency contraception immediately. (Click here for more tips for calling).


If you are a pharmacist who can prescribe contraception, please click here to be added to the directory of EC providers.

If you would like to add a new health center or clinic, please click here.


If a pharmacist refuses to dispense emergency contraception to you, please email the American Society for Emergency Contraception.



This website is operated by the Office of Population Research at Princeton University and has no connection with any pharmaceutical company or for-profit organization.

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